Bringing a Little Clarity Into a Kitchen


Walking into what was the kitchen of this 1966 ranch in a sought after neighborhood was a first for us.   Some of the nicest and brightest people you have ever met really needed help not only updating visually, but creating a kitchen that could handle the daily pounding of a young family. Read: rushed messy breakfasts, hot pans on countertops, homework and art projects, varied lighting needs, loads of storage and a baking area for Mom’s masterpieces (no exaggeration here!).  I’ve never felt so needed…. goodbye duct taped microwave door, and enter a new fresh plan. A central dumping zone became a cozy family nook for all said uses, porcelain floors can take a beating but look hip, smart efficient lighting,  timeless but strong materials like quartz, marble, and faux leather.  We had a blast whipping up this recipe!

Photo Credit: Blue Gator Photography   

Behind the doors & drawers organization: Simply Organized