A large remodel in Orinda gets finessed


What a fun project! Do I sound like a broken record? Seriously, we have the best clients EVER. This young, hardworking and busy family had just completed a massive overhaul of their home. What was left was great light, clear sightlines, easy flow and a handful of empty spaces. Enter US! We created a restful sitting area where mom and dad can escape the Disney Channel and have some legit grown-up time amongst some luxury. Original art, elegant finishes (linen, brass, black, marble, rose quartz), plush rug and comfy chairs seal the deal. Then, off the family room is what we call 'Mom's Reading Corner', backed by custom shelving and splash of her favorite color. Not to outdone, the master bedroom was the final bit..everything custom tailored to fit our clients' every whim. Now if we could get the kids off the soft and furry bench!

Photo Credit: Kathryn MacDonald Photography